December 12, 2018

Ellery woman 

Welcome to part three of the ELLERY WOMAN SERIES.
We take a moment to shine a spotlight on the women we admire, respect and champion - our mothers, sisters
and friends.

Intelligent, uncompromising.
Take a step into their world, we hope that you enjoy.


Identical twins Giulia and Camilla Venturini’s bond runs deeper than their shared gene pool.

The Italian-born, Milan-based sisters are also creative partners, effortlessly straddling the worlds of design, photography and fashion. The multifaceted duo behind @fotine_paura have collaborated with notable glossies including Italian Vogue, Oyster and Dazed, and launched their debut label this year: Medea, a handbag line reflecting the sister’s signature pared-back, offbeat aesthetic.

The two sat down together to talk inspirations, personal style, and their idea of heaven — all the while finishing each other’s sentences.

limoges 1

Camilla: Snake or unicorn?
Giulia: Snake.

Giulia: Whose idea was Medea, and what inspired it?
Camilla: Both (of ours). We were inspired by this very iconic film by Pier Paolo Pasolini called Medea, starring opera singer Maria Callas.

Camilla: What’s in your bag right now?
Giulia: I mean, of course my phone. And my house keys and my passport, because I am flying to Paris today. I always have earrings because I like to wear them so I keep them in my purse. And a camera.

Giulia: If you were an animal, which animal would you be?
Camilla: First of all, I am an animal already (laughs). Humans are animals.
Giulia: I would be a pig.

Camilla: If you were a piece of fruit, what would you be?
Giulia: Cherries or a banana.
Camilla: No... banana.
Giulia: Ok, let’s go for the obvious one: a banana. Cherries are very obvious. Cherries are very beautiful.

large 1

Camilla: What do I do to annoy you?
Giulia: That’s gonna be a long list (laughs)... a bible. You tell me to clean your room... your stuff, I guess.
Camilla: ...And then? Just that one?
Giulia: Yeah. I mean do you want a complete list?
Camilla: Yeah.
Giulia: Ok, you’re very negative! I dunno, I think it’s not a very nice thing to say what annoys me.

Giulia: What is your favourite thing about me?
Camilla: That you clean my room, and that you are very creative.
Giulia: That’s nice.

large 2

Camilla: Who would play us in a film?
Giulia: Maybe - I mean she’s dead - but Maria Callas would be great.
Camilla: And who else?
Giulia: Someone alive.. I really like the girl in Twilight...
Camilla: Kristen Stewart?
Giulia: Yeah. I really like her.
Camilla: What about Stanlio and Ollio [Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy], the very old comedians, British. One very tall, very thin, and the other a bit short.

Giulia: Pants or skirt?
Camilla: Definitely pants for both of us.

Camilla: Favourite colour and flavour?
Giulia: I used to not like colours but maybe now because we do the bags, I have started to really appreciate colours. I really like grey and beige (laughs).
And flavour is pasta... is that a flavour?

"I used to not like colours but maybe now because we do the bags, I have started to really appreciate colours. I really like grey and beige."

Camilla: If your life was a song, what would it be?
Giulia: I mean, I really like Inner City Blues by Marvin Gaye. If you want, I can read all the lyrics... no I won’t.

Giulia: What is your idea of heaven?
Camilla: Tough one. People think that when you die, you die and you don’t think...but what if we die and we know we are dead?
Giulia: That doesn’t sound like heaven.
Camilla: Yeah I know and sometimes I’m like, I hope that when we die, our brain actually shuts off and we are not under the ground like “Oh I am alive with my brain, and now I’m going to be buried alive for millions of year.” So, my idea of heaven is that our brains stop functioning when we die. That is going to be heaven to me.

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